1.Often spread out
stretch, extend, enlarge, widen, broaden, augment, aggrandize, amplify; stretch out, draw out, lengthen, elongate, protract, prolongate, drag out; expand, dilate, distend, swell, bloat; grow, develop, increase, advance, multiply, mushroom, branch out; deepen, heighten, wax, intensify, escalate, accelerate; sprawl, overdevelop, overgrow, become a cancer; travel, transfer, move around, Pathol. metastasize.
2.Often spread out
stretch out, open out, unfurl, uncurl, uncoil, unroll, unfold, untwist; open up, bloom, flower; display, exhibit, show, present; produce, reveal, unveil, uncover.
3.Often spread out
disseminate, distribute, send out, dispense, give out, pass out, hand out, circulate; broadcast, air, televise, publish, publicize, make public; promulgate, propagate, spread around, teach, preach, tell of or about, give to the world; advertise, trumpet, blazon, herald, blaze about, hawk, announce; recite, repeat, bruit, bandy about, rumor; disperse, scatter, strew, bestrew, cast, throw out, sow; shed, radiate, shine, effuse, throw off, give forth; diffuse, circumfuse, dissipate, dispel.
4. array, arrange, set up, organize, order; put things on or around, situate, position, posit, locate, dispose; lay out, set out, (both of a table) set, lay.
5. apply, put on, daub on, lay on, smooth on, paint on, rub on, smear on; pour on, plaster on, go heavy with, be generous with, Inf. slather, Sl. slop on, Sl. pile on.
6.Usu. spread [s.t.] over
cover, overspread, overlay; blanket, mantle, cloak, wrap up, enwrap, bundle up, muffle up, swaddle; shelter, canopy, house, protect; shield, screen, veil, curtain, shroud; coat, film, layer, carpet, pave, plaster, parget, incrust; plate, gild, enamel, lacquer, paint, varnish, wash; glaze, ice, top off, sugar-coat, candy, spatter, sprinkle, asperse, bespatter, fleck, dot; wash over, overflow, overrun, engulf, inundate, flood, submerge, drown, smother.
7. separate, part, come apart, come undone or unglued; force apart, take apart, fold or bend back, hold open or down, pin or tack back or down; unfasten, undo, open; flatten out, flatten, make flush, level; smush, mash, squash, crush, pound down.
8. expansion, extension, enlargement, augmentation, magnification, aggrandizement; widening, broadening, dilation, dilatation, distension, swelling, bloating, tumefaction, Physiol. diastole; growth, propagation, multiplication, increase, increment, development, advance, advancement, inflation, mushrooming; deepening, heightening, waxing, intensification, escalation; transmission, transference, communication, contagion, movement, Pathol. metastasis; sprawl, invasion, blight, cancer; stretching out, branching out, spreading out; dissemination, dispersion, dispersal, Mil. deployment; circumfusion, broadcasting, aspersion, effusion, radiation; diffusion, dissipation.
9. elasticity, stretchability, extensibility, tensibility, tensileness, springiness, dilatability; rubberiness, plasticity, ductility, flexibility, suppleness, resilience.
10. expanse, extent, distance, breadth, broadness, width, wideness, depth, deepness, length, height; size, gauge, dimensions, measurements, proportions, volume, capacity; space, area, region, territory, district, stretch, reach, compass, radius, orbit, swing, sweep, play; limit, margin, bound, boundary; period, term, length of time, time, duration, longevity.
11. bedspread, bedcover, counterpane, coverlet; comforter, eiderdown, quilt, cover, blanket; throw, slipcover, top, protection, covering, tablecloth, cloth; mantle, cloak, shawl, robe, wrap; veil, mantilla, hood, cowl, scarf, kerchief.
12. butter, margarine, oleo, peanut butter, apple butter; jelly, jam, gelatin, marmalade, preserve, conserve, confiture, comfit, compote; topping, sauce, gravy; coating, icing, glaze, meringue; screen, lotion, oil, emulsion, cosmetic, make-up.
13. layout, array, arrangement, organization, setup; full-page ad, two-page ad, double truck, centerfold, Journalism. center spread.
14.Informal. table, board, fare, menu, diet, bill of fare, table d'hote; meal, repast, collation, feast, banquet, Inf. feed.
15.Informal. place, piece of property or land or real estate, plantation; farm, farmplace, farmstead, Archaic. farmhold, Brit. farmery, ranch, rancho, ranch-eria, hacienda, manor, manor farm; home, homestead, Both Brit. croft, homecroft, Scot, and North Eng. steading.

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